Exposer Magazine 2nd Anniversary [08/10/2016]

This last weekend was really special week for the team Exposer Magazine! Two years after that our project has been created, we decided to join all our employees, customers, partners and above all friends, to celebrate anything we have experienced so far. If two years were absolutely amazing, a lot of that was due to our city of Coimbra and to all our partners who have always been with us. Without each of our employees, without each of our clients and not all our readers none of this had been possible. We have gone from a project in which few believed, for a quality magazine have recognized beyond the district of Coimbra!

Yeah! How could they go on following our social networks, our Sabbath was indeed a different day. We started by gathering some of the models that were cover our 13 magazines, we added more models and did a photoshoot absolutely stunning! With people like that is much easier to work. Just wait to see the result !! Then, at the end of the day, we gather all Exposer team in Steel and all together, shared a magnificent dinner. The highlight of the evening was asseguir: Now some of our customers also present, we sang congratulate Exposer and toast to the success of this project which is all of us. However, as with the night half, we moved to the NB, where we were incredibly received an exciting Black & White Party: we celebrated, danced, toasted, talked, laughed, photographed … Everything! It was impressive.

We could not help but once again thank all our staff for their efforts in these two years and who made this possible birthday day: c. tt – Studio Store, Juniors S Cells, Marry Me, Eureka Shoes, Steel, NB Club Coimbra, Adolfo Usier Photography and Workshops, Pastry University, Lone Ranger and To Print It. A huge THANK YOU!

Enjoy all the photos! Relive a little of our day !!! For the year we will be here for another party and, if all goes well, with even more partners with us !!!

Exposer Magazine Coimbra


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